Curricular Structure-BBA-BI

Curricular Structure : BBA-BI

First Semester

Business Mathematics I
Introductory Microeconomics
Fundamental Of Sociology
General Psychology

Second Semester

English II
Business Mathematics II
Financial Accounting II
Principles Of Management
Introductory Macroeconomics

Third Semester

Business Communication
Business Statistics
Principles Of Insurance
Financial Accounting ii
Fundamental Of Organizational Behaviour

Fourth Semester

Risk And Insurance Management
Essentials Of Finanace
Data Analysis And Modeling
Basis Of Managerial Accounting
Business Research Methods

Fifth Semester

Introduction Of Management Information Systems
Financial Istitutions And Markets
Management Of Commercial Banks
Management Of Human Resources
Principles Of Mnanagement
Project Work

Sixth Semester

Essentials Of e-Business
Finacial Management
Legal Aspects Of Banking And Insurance
Life And Health Insurance

Seventh Semester

Fundamental Of Operational Management
Property And Liability Insurance
Treasury Management
Credit Risk Management
Elective I

Eight Semester

Business Environment In Nepal
Strategic Management
International Banking And Insurance
Elective II

Lists Of Electives

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