Master of Arts in Psychology (MA-PSY)

Master of Arts in Psychology (MA-PSY)
“A degree in psychology can lead to a fulfilling career that makes a difference in people’slives”

Psychology in its simplest term is the study of human behavior and mental processes. This scientific discipline has numerous sub-disciplines. Among them Clinical Psychology is one of the applied discipline that is concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental disorders and behavioral problems.

K&K international college, affiliated to the Tribhuvan University, is the latest and privileged institution to incept the Masters in Clinical Psychology program since 2018. With the inception of this program, the institution aims to develop professionals and researchers in mental health field, thus contributing to one of the overlooked area of human life in our country, i.e. mental health.

Clinical Psychology, integrates the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems, making it an exciting career choice for the people who are looking to work in a challenging and rewarding field of mental health. It is the psychological specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families. Clinical psychology involves rigorous practice directed toward understanding and improving the psychological aspects of the human experience, including but not limited to issues or problems of behavior, emotions, and intellect.

The field of Clinical Psychology integrates science, theory, and practice to understand, predict, and alleviate maladjustments, disability, and discomfort as well as to promote human adaptation, adjustment, and personal development.

Key Features
  • Experienced and dedicated academic faculties
  • Practical lab and library
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Career coaching

1. Humanities and Social Sciences:
a. Bachelors in Social Work (BASW), at least 3 credits or 100 marks course in general psychology
b. Bachelors in Arts (BA) with psychology major
c. Post graduate diploma in counseling psychology (PGDCP)
d. Bachelors in Film Studies (BFS)
2. Science: BSc and equivalent
3. Management: Must have at least 3 credits or 100 marks course in general psychology
Note: The students must have a minimum of second division in their Bachelor Degree for the admission from any university recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Entrance Examination

Interested, keen, and eligible students shall visit the college, fill up entrance form and apply for a written examination of 1 hour called by Tribhuvan University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (TUFOHSS) for the admission.

The entrance examination will consists of 100 marks; 50 marks for objective questions and 50 for student’s academic records. Course and Examination

The Masters in Clinical Psychology is a 60 credit-hour degree program, divided into four semesters. Each course will be evaluated against 100 marks. The marks are divided into 60:40 grading system. 60% for the final board examination and 40% for the internal evaluation which includes attendance, assignments, class participation, term paper, applications of tests and tools, experiments, mini research, project work.

A minimum of 80% attendance will be required in the semester end. Students have to pass in the internal evaluation/examination to be qualified to appear in the term end examination. Field work/Practicum/Internship will be an integral feature of the course. Students will be required to carry out psychological test and use tools in laboratory to prepare practical report, visit community for field work, and placement in different organizations and prepare reports according to the requirements of each semester.

Class Hours

Evening shift: 4PM to 7PM

Course of study
First semester

PSY. 551 History and Systems of Psychology

PSY. 552 Advanced Social Psychology
PSY. 553 Research Methodology (Quantitative Approach)
PSY. 554 Developmental Psychology
PSY. 555 Cognitive Psychology
Second semester

PSY.556 Contemporary Theories in Psychology

PSY. 557 Cross-cultural Psychology
PSY. 558 Research Methodology (Qualitative Approach)
PSY. 559 Applied Psychometry
PSY. 560 Health Psychology
Third semester

PSY. 561-1 Clinical Psychology

PSY. 562-1 Biological Basis of Behavior
PSY. 563-1 Psychopathology I (Child psychopathology)
PSY. 564-1 Psychological Assessment
PSY. 565-1 Psychotherapy and Counseling


Fourth semester

PSY. 566-1 Psychodiagnostic Testing

PSY. 567-1 Psychopatholgy II (Adult psychopathology)
PSY. 568-1 Clinical Skills and Professional Practice (Internship)
PSY. 569-1 Psychotherapy and Counseling in Multicultural Setting
PSY. 570-1 Thesis


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