Message From Chairman

Ichchha Bahadur Wagle


Welcome to the fertile realm of K&K Int’l College, where dreams get perfected for the best academic performance. Have had any query regarding why one joins any academic institution? Is it to pass your free time and make friends? To acquire some certificates! To learn the tricks of trade? To study so as to enhance your worldly perspective and develop your personality in such a way that one would be able to handle any problem wisely than when one happens to encounter in the course of his/ her life?

Bertrand Russell in one of his essays, “Knowledge and Wisdom” wrote that the purpose of education is to develop wisdom along with knowledge. Knowledge without wisdom can lead one to destruction. So the purpose of education should not be only to make students acquire knowledge but also to help them become more insightful and think rationally.

However, is that enough? Suppose a person is highly educated and wise but somehow does not find a position in the market because he has not learnt the tricks of the trade.In this connection, will it not be good enough if a person gets knowledge as well as the know-how experience and expertise in his/her practical life?

Here at K&K, our effort is to provide this type of education. For that we are not doing anything out of the way. We have just planned to provide a combination of subjects that well certainly help our students in their practical life. The details you will find in K&K brochure. Leading you to the world of success!