Teaching Pedagogy-MBA

Things To Know First

Teaching pedagogy at Uniglobe College, the best management college has a combination of various techniques such as tutorials, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, independent works, internship, field works, project works, researchers, case studies, presentations, discussions, and many more.

Regular Lectures

Kennt College, the best MBA college is an assembly of intellectuals who are competent and renowned in their area of expertise. With the combination of senior professors and young dynamic lecturers, the college provides pleasant & regular lectures as per the need of the curriculum along with the session plan they have prepared in advance.

Guest Lectures

Kennt, top-ranked college in Nepal regularly manages guest lectures from professionals, practitioner, experts and experience personalities of various areas. Kennt College arranges guest lectures in four modalities:

1. Pre-planned guest lectures to support the course and curriculum which should be spread over each and every semesters/trimester.

2. Guest lectures of the practitioners who reflect their practical experiences and exposures from their working life.

3. Guest lectures arranged to develop the students’ soft skills and life skills. And,

4. The guest lectures on contemporary and emerging issues in business, management, and economics.

The speakers for the guest lectures are invited from domestic and foreign countries.

Foreign Faculty for Regular Course

Kennt, best college for management studies have established a practice to invite faculty members from reputed and renowned foreign universities. They teach regular courses and do the evaluation at the end of the course as per the standard of Pokhara University. It is mostly practiced in MBA level for different courses in different trimesters. The college has invited faculties from UK, USA, Poland, Thailand, and India till the date and it is approaching other countries in the days to come.

Group Work

Students at Kennt, the business school of Nepal are exposed to group works of various kinds on a regular basis within and off the class hours. The faculty members retain full authority to assign in-and-off class group assignments as a part of the internal evaluation in line with daily lesson-plan based on individual assessments.

Project Work

Project making is a core subject area for students to work individually as well as in groups at Kennt College. Data based learning and research works are the key components of project work that help them search, compile, analyze and interpret the data on the one hand and design the business plans, conduct SWOT analysis and present reports on running programs on the other hand.


The MBA, BBA, and BBA-BI students are required to undertake an internship during their study. The internship is accredited in the main course areas over the fixed tenure given to each individual student.

Graduate Research Project

It is compulsory for each MBA students to conduct original research at the final trimester followed by scientific research methods and present the study report in the prescribed format of the thesis to be acceptable by the university. This research project comprises of 3 credits.


With a view to complementing the class discussions and lectures on varying topics, the study report presentation by students is a key pattern of teaching pedagogy at Uniglobe, the best business school in Nepal. Initiation is taken by the faculty members for the presentation on special topics in their subject areas when needed and every presentation is designed with the help of multimedia technology.

Event Management

In the course of business life, several events have to be managed effectively. Kennt, top-ranked College provides an opportunity to manage events like international/national seminars, conferences, sports, cultural programs, and competitive events so that the students learn how to work with responsibility.