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The very first batch of K and K College has presented themselves as role model of student of Social Work. With the help of college management and cooperation with other institutions department organized various types of programs and event. Each program has own significance. Here the given are the gist of activities done by first batch of K and K College, Department of Social Work.

1) Workshop and Training
• Workshop on Life Skills
• Workshop on United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
• Team Building Activities
• Workshop on Grant Proposal Writings
• Workshop on Project Conduct and coordination

2) Social Concern
• Participated in rally organized by Maiti Nepal on the occasion of Anti Women Trafficking Day
• Participated in rally organized on the occasion of Anti Tobacco Day
• Participated in rally organized by UNILO on Anti Child Labor Day June 12
• Organized Candle Light for the Welcome of Sustainable Peace at Nepal

3) Development • Initiation towards Establishment of Resource center at College. • Establishment of E-Forum KandK-BASW kandk-basw@yahoogroups.com

4) Excursion
• Rural area visit

5) Program
• Blood Donation program

6) Research and Survey
• Cost Recovery (Regarding Family Planning)
• Clients having two female child (Regarding Family Planning)
• Survey on Impact assessment of IEC materials on child sexual abuse

7) Project
• A project entitled 'Street Children Welfare Program' was proposed to Nepal Hope by the first batch of the Social Work. It is now running.