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The college has a spacious library with wide range of resource materials. The library resources include course books, reference books and various national and international periodicals. The library is fully connected to the net; the students can make use of this facility at specific timetables decided by the college management.


Sports and recreational activities are essential part of growth. It refreshes and energized. The college recognizes this fact and gives to participate in these activities on specific timetables decided by the management. Our students can make use of our various sporting facilities including table tennis, basketball, cricket and badminton.


The college will make an arrangement with professional psychologist to help the students with any kind of problems they may encounter during their schooling days. The psychologist will be available on specific time tables.


The college computer lab is also connected to high speed internet facility. The students can make use of the extensive facility for their research and recreation. Computer is an important part of syllabus requirement for BBA. This facility is primarily used to satisfy the needs of BBA syllabus.


Recreational activities should be a part of growth of each of our students. In this reference college will encourage the students to enroll in one of the clubs formed by the college management. Club activities will occur once regularly during the college calendar.