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Chairman, kandk international collegeWelcome to the fertile land of K and K Int'l College where dreams get perfection. Have had any query regarding why one joins any academic institution? Is it to pass your free time and make friend? Or to acquire some certificates? Or to learn the tricks of trade? Or to study to enhance your worldly perspective and develop your personality in such a way that we will be able to handle any problem wisely? Bertrand Russell in one of his essays, "Knowledge and Wisdom" wrote that the purpose of education is to develop wisdom along with knowledge. Knowledge without wisdom can lead one to destruction. So the purpose of education should not only make students acquire knowledge but also to help them to become more insightful. However, is that enough? Suppose a person is highly educated, wise but somehow does not find a position in market because he has not learnt the tricks of trade. In this connection, will it not be good if a person gets knowlefge as well as know how to use that knowledge in his practical life? Here at K&K, our effort is to provide this type of education. For that we are not doing anything out of way. We have just planned to provide a combination of subjects that will certainly help our students in their practical life. The details you will find in the K&K Brochure.

Leading you to the world of success.

Icchha Bahadur Wagle



Principal, kandk international college

We call this, the original sanskara: to make oneself best of the best in the society in terms of knowledge, purity, love, happiness, peace, bliss and power.

It gives me great pleasure in introducing K&K International College as a leading academic institution of Nepal, with a very strong commitment for quality education.

Our Vision: We believe in Swami Vivekananda’s vision on education. In his words, “education is manifestation within”. The meaning of his words, as far as I understand, is about achieving the seven qualities which used to be in the human beings of the golden age of human civilization. We call this as the original sanskara: to make oneself best of the best in the society in terms of knowledge, purity, love, happiness, peace, bliss and power. These words have deep-rooted meanings and it will definitely take a long, long time to achieve this vision. An arduous strive and hard work is essential to make this dream come true, and this is the dream of K&K; the dream of K&K team. However, one ought to be mindful that Knowledge without Wisdom is more or less like a driver without control. Such a situation is prone to a disastrous ending. Hence, at K&K we ensure and instill wisdom into our students to ascertain that a boost of knowledge does not drive them into an uncontrollable frenzy. Our mission: The present mission of K&K is quite explicit; it has always been striving to the best of its capacity to make the students able to plan for their future, participate in all the sectors in building their career and lead the mass in order to achieve peace, development and prosperity for all.

Our Strength: K&K’s strength is by virtue of the presence of dedicated, senior most, professional academicians, whose tireless and assiduous efforts have made it possible to scale the present height of this institution. In addition, the subjects offered are affiliated to Tribhuvan University, which is recognized by most Universities of the World. Therefore, in this respect, we are world class education provider. Besides courses prescribed by the University, we compulsorily provide needful computer courses to the students of all faculties. Moreover, we believe in the fact that education is not complete without extracurricular activities like workshops, seminars, educational tours , quiz contests and sports. Thus, we always plan for these events in the beginning of the academic session and implement them subsequently. Dear guardians, students, and all well wishers, we look forward to welcome you at K&K in the new premises of about six ropanies with sufficient ground for sports, spacious library wel-stocked with sufficient reference materials, hygenic and well maintained canteen, comfortable seminar hall, and class rooms with the best environment for academic excellence.


Prof. Dr Resh Bahadur Basnet