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Celebration of World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day (as designed by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) falls on the 19th of March and is celebrated worldwide through various activities. Since 2010, Nepal has been celebrating “World Social Work Day” annually with different themes. For this year the worldwide theme is "Promoting Social and Economic Equalities". Being one of the pioneers among TU affiliated Social Work Private Colleges, K and K International College, BASW department, students of 1st year, are going to organize World Social Work Day 2013, to promote the “Academic Profession in Social Work” for the first time in South Asia on the occasion of World Social Work Day.

The main objective of the program is to aware people about Social Work through rally and to promote academic Social Work's identity and its practice in Nepal. The program mainly focuses to award some pioneer of academic personalities of social work, reputed social workers serving in the field of social work for more than a decade and the social workers who have completed their degrees in BSW, BASW or MSW and are engaged at various organizations or institutions. More than 1000 Academic Social Workers and more than 100 organizations (30+ Social Work Institutions and 70+ Non Governmental Organizations) will be together to celebrate World Social Work Day.

It’s not just about celebrating World Social Work Day, it’s about creating history.