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HSEB 10+2

The higher secondary is an extension of the SLC. The HS course will prepare students for the university level of study. Students in HS will have to make a clear decision while choosing subjects at this level. These subjects should assist them in their further studies and their choices of career eventually. The choice of subjects should interest the students and should not burden them. Students are advised to consult their parents, guardians, friends and teachers while making such decisions.



We offer the following courses of MANAGEMENT FACULTY +2 levels with an aim to prepare them to study practical courses at Graduates Level which will help them to settle down in the life easily.

  • Account+ Economics+ BOOM/Math—will prepare them for practical course like BBA. However, if they want to pursue general course, we also offer them BBS.
  • Account+ Hotel Management+ Travel and Tourism—will prepare them to get into practical courses like Chartered Accountancy, Bachelor in information Technology and Bachelor in Information Management.
    Similarly, we offer the following courses at FACULTY of HUMANITIES +2 levels with an aim to prepare them for some of the practical courses offered at Graduate Level.
  • Economics+ MAths+ Computer- will prepare them for Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and also some general courses in Bachelor in Arts.
  • Travel and Tourism+ Mass Communication+ Sociology/Major English- will prepare them fro Bachelor in Travel and Tourism.
  • Mass communication+ Major English+ Sociology- will prepare them for Bachelor in Social work and Rural Development and Major English. At Master level we offer Rural Development.
    There are many other practical courses that we are planning to introduce within a year or two. We, the new management team, have developed many more physical facilities to meet the demands of growing numbers of students at our institution.



Candidates applying for admissions in the higher secondary (+2) must have successfully completed SLC or equivalent level of study from any reputed institution.

(Students are also advised to consult the criteria for admission for more information)



The classes for HS will run fro 6:30am to 11:00 am (morning shift) and from 11:00am to 4:00pm (Day shift), Sunday to Friday.