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MA-Gender Studies

MA in Gender Studies is a two year four semester program in Master’s in Arts of Tribhuvan University, Nepal. This program incorporates five different papers in its first and second semester and four papers with one elective paper in its third and fourth semester. Nevertheless, students have to write a Master Thesis of 6 credits at the end of the program. The overall weightage of the program is equivalent to 60 credit hours.


K&K International College is the first private institution to introduce Gender Studies affiliated to TU since 2013. This institution is fully committed to serve as a model Academic Institution to create Gender Equitable Society through producing Gender Aware Human Resources.  There is already a partial introduction of Gender Studies in 10+2 Higher Secondary School Curriculum. In accordance to it, T.U is going to introduce the under graduate level course for Gender Studies very soon and is in the process of syllabus designing.  Moreover, Gender Studies, as a paper is introduced in the Masters Level having various subjects like Patriarchy, Feminism, Politics, Human Rights and Research Methodology.  Therefore, this subject has a potential Job market in Tribhuvan University for Teaching and Research as well as various ministries of government of Nepal like Security Organs of the Government such as, Military, Armed Police and Nepal Police. Likewise, MA in Gender Studies has a high demand in the development organizations like INGOs, NGOs and Multi Governmental Organizations.


Gender Studies is a growing subject all over due to gender imbalance in the societies, worldwide. Women Empowerment as an idea of social justice is a universal issue for every government in the world. Moreover, this field of study opens an arena to create right based gender just societies all over the world. 



Students with a keen interest to Subaltern Studies are welcome to K&K International College for our social movement of gender just society. As this subject is available at Master Degree level, there is no faculty bar to take part in the study. Students who have finished Bachelor Degree/ Graduate level in any discipline approved by TU are eligible to apply.  


The classes for MA in Gender Studies will run from 4pm to 7:00pm (evening shift), Sunday to Friday.